Contact information

  • Address: Plaka
  • Postal code (ZIP): 843 00
  • City/Location: Naxos
  • Phone: +302120003242


The Beach of Plaka in Naxos!

The Aqua Breeze Villas are located just in front of the beach of Plaka. This is a fully organized beach in Naxos just a 15 minute drive from the main town of Naxos, Chora! The golden sand, the crystal clear waters, the water sport facilities, along with parts to freely enjoy the sea and the sun with your company are just the first impressions of the Plaka beach!

After a day of relaxation at the privacy of your Aqua Breeze Villa, you will start to discover and gradually fall in love with the beach and the area of Plaka in Naxos island. Keep in mind that the Aqua Breeze Villas are just 10 km from the port of Naxos and just 6 km south from the airport.